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About us

SHAKIRA THE LABEL is the gist of my enthusiasm for fashion.
I always use to miss a personal touch to my ensemble, and one day out of impulse I designed an array of finery for myself, and it turned out to be quite a pleasant upshot.

Our Story

Gradually, I beheld the designs being noticed, my friends started taking fancy to my work and I was able to elicit an inspiration out of that fancy.
And that’s how the idea of SHAKIRA THE LABEL was conceived!

We are solid team

Committed towards providing an all-inclusive experience, the label covers it all from ethnic to western and from handpicked to customised.
While I was working to reinforce the label, I felt a paucity of variety when it came to plus size, I also sensed a need of desired customization for mother-baby combos. And hence pursuing the observation further, the label has dedicated itself to provide a wide variety of collection in all the categories with the finest of quality.
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